Snowmobiling is my passion!  I grew up in Missoula, Montana and my family had a summer home an hour from Missoula in Seeley Lake.  In 1992 after high school I made Seeley Lake home.  It is still home for me, my wife Shannon and our two kids Kolten and Kyra.  I got my first snowmobile in 1981, it was a 77 Yamaha Enticer, I still have it today.  I was immediately hooked.  Living in Seeley Lake allowed me to ride right from my front door all winter long.  I rode as many days of the winter as I possibly could.  I would and still do ride between 2000 and 2500 miles a season on my snowmobile.  I started riding Ski-Doo snowmobiles in the late 90’s and I never looked back.  Through the years of riding sleds, I of course knew of Bret Rasmussen and had only ever dreamed of meeting him or being able to ride in one of his clinics.  I never imagined getting so lucky as to be part of Ride Rasmussen Style.  My dream became a reality several years ago when Driven and Ride Rasmussen Style brought the Driven Snowmobile School to Seeley Lake and used my wife’s family guest ranch as a base for the school.  When my wife and I started dating 15 years ago, I started working part time as a guide for her families guided snowmobile business.  I got to be the guide for the school.  That day changed snowmobiling for me and I realized I had a lot of work to do to keep up with Bret and the guys!  Then Bret suggested I think about becoming an instructor for RRS.  The last 7 years have been a lot of hard work and I continue to learn and improve with every ride.  I can’t wait to continue learning from Bret and the other great instructors for RRS and I also look forward to sharing my knowledge and passion for the sport of snowmobiling with all of you!  See you on the snow!