Turbo 850 Steering Post Forward Kit

Turbo 850 Steering Post Forward Kit


SKINZ/RASMUSSEN Post Forward kit for 850 Turbo, Includes Steering Post

When out of stock displays use standard post forward kit and NA steering post for turbo models.

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This post forward kit has been designed specifically for the Summit 850 turbo. It includes the same block kit as we use for all the G4 platform chassis’ and also includes an aftermarket steering post that reduces weight by .1 pound over the OEM straight post used on the naturally asperated models. The OEM post is the piece that we also optionally recommend for use in the turbo application. Using this kit eliminates the need for cutting and patching the airbox, you simply need to warm up the molded plastic airbox and then using the supplied pipe tool create a relief in the airbox to eliminate interference with the new steering post.

After installing this kit the rider positioning will be a full 2″ forward bringing the rider closer to the weight mass of the sled. This results in better sled control with less rider input. The steering post angle is slightly more vertical, but only about one degree. It only has a very small effect on post angle, it does however cause a rise in handlebar height. This will need to be addressed with a shorter bar riser or possibly a zero rise handlebar.

Alternatively a standard post forward kit can be used together with an OEM na post in lieu of this kit.


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