Over the last 5 years, Renton Coil Spring and Bret Rasmussen have developed a revolutionary titanium spring package designed to increase handling characteristics, and performance.

Ski springs…

For backcountry riding, adding the RCS Regressive Ski Spring Kit is the biggest improvement you can make to your sled.  This patent pending system starts out with the constant spring rate of the main spring.  When compressed to a certain point, the helper spring is engaged and the spring rate drops.  This continues until the helper spring reaches full travel and the rate returns to that of the main spring.  This “regressive” rate curve helps from overloading one ski when side-hilling or when you’re on uneven terrain.

Front arm spring…

The front arm is the point of initiation of the skid travel.  RCS has developed a progressive spring package which starts out soft and gradually increases in spring rate.  This softer initial rate enables the skid to begin traveling earlier than stock setups and gradually gets stiffer to protect the suspension from bottoming out.

Torsion springs & block kit…

To complement the progressive front arm spring, we’ve spec’d stiffer torsion springs along with our patented rising rate torsion blocks.  This setup again starts out softer and progresses into a stiffer spring rate to prevent the suspension from bottoming out.

Download RCS Regressive Spring Presentation

RCS has been supplying top manufacturers, racers, and backcountry enthusiasts with high performance springs for over 15 years. Whether you’re a racer looking for an advantage or a consumer looking for the best performance from your sled, RCS Titanium Springs are worth every penny.

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