Handlebar, custom Rasmussen bend, WIDE version with ergonomically correct fit

Handlebar, custom Rasmussen bend, WIDE version with ergonomically correct fit


Custom bend Rasmussen/Skinz handlebar designed for technical backcountry riding. 18 degree rake, zero rise, width at 28 1/2″. Hooks clocked at 6:30 o’clock.

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This handlebar is designed specifically for the aggressive, technical back country rider who wants to maintain nearly stock handlebar width. It helps the rider to conform with the counter steer technique of balancing the sled on edge for the purpose of carving to maintain proper sled control. Features longer hooks that clock slightly rearward rather than forward like all other bars, the benefit to this is that the top of the hook bend fits into the riders palm creating better grip with less squeeze. Having the hook clocked rearward reduces stress on the riders little finger and overall gives a more comfortable posture with more control. Handlebar rake is same as original equipment at 18 degrees. This is a zero rise bar so if you want to maintain your same bar height we recommend a one inch higher riser, although for most applications riders are looking for a lower bar height. If you are using a post forward block kit on your sled this will compensate for the additional height that occurs when you tilt the steering post forward. This bar is 28 1/2″ in width compared to the 29 1/4″ width of the factory, so just slightly narrower than the factory equipped version. Because of the hook being a bit longer it makes the handlebar feel a bit narrower than it is. This bar can be used with the stock mountain grab handle or with the Rasmussen signature bar pad. CF100-BR.  THIS BAR DOES NOT HAVE A STEPPED DOWN GRIP DIAMETER.


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