Torsion springs rear, w/ blocks, high rate, all Ski Doo Summit and Free Ride Gen 4 and 5

Torsion springs rear, w/ blocks, high rate, all Ski Doo Summit and Free Ride Gen 4 and 5


The Rasmussen solution to maximize sled control in technical back country terrain. This higher capacity spring will keep the skis on the snow even with a long limiter strap. Better sled control makes for more precise lines through the trees and around hazards.


The use of these springs allows the rider to run limiter strap at full length and be able to control transfer when accelerating or ascending steep slopes. Traditionally riders will shorten the front arm limiter strap to reduce ski lift. While this is effective it does have adverse effects. To start with, suspension travel is reduced and performance in bumps is sacrificed. Secondly the front of the sled becomes much heavier making the sled very difficult to bring to its edge and when it is on edge the balance point is very narrow and unforgiving. With a long limiter strap, the front arm falls completely out allowing the suspension to help hold the sled on edge with little effort on the riders part.

When using these springs together with supplied slider block kit they act like a dual stage spring. Because the spring tail is longer than stock it will preform as a softer spring rate initially. As the sled squats and the suspension collapses, the spring tail transitions to a different leverage point on the slider block causing the spring rate to feel stiffer. The idea is for the suspension to collapse enough to lift the skis and then hold without over transferring. The slider blocks are adjustable, providing adjustment for the transition point.

Available in titanium (6.2 lbs with blocks) or stainless steel (9.2 lbs with blocks),  these springs are calibrated with an 18 inch pound per degree of deflection compared to the 9 inch pounds of stock springs. With substantially more capacity it is recommended to recalibrate the shock valving, but will work without.

CAUTION: This package will hinder your ability to perform reentries and hop overs. It will, however, provide more sled control and allow easier navigation in technical back country terrain.


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